Videos / My Only Love

It seems as if we’re confronted with new catastrophes on an almost daily basis, but while we deal with these horrors the climate emergency just gets worse and worse. And without the rainforests our planet will quickly become a scorching, uninhabitable wasteland. The goal of this video was to remind people of the ongoing horrors of climate emergency and deforestation, as well as reminding people that meat and dairy production are the leading causes of deforestation.


Music: ‘My Only Love’ by Moby
Production: Zombie Studio/BlinkInk
Animation and Visual Effects by: Zombie Studio
Directed by: Paulo Garcia
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Salles
Executive Producer: Natália Gouvea, Josef Byrne
Account Services: Stefanie Dias
Original Script: Paulo Garcia
Script Adaptation: Natalia Mamede
Animation Producer: André Carvalho
CGI Lead: Wallan Oliveira, Claudio Junior, Rafael Segnini
Technical Director: Wallan Oliveira
Technical Supervisor: Isaac Buzzola
Storyboard and Animatic: Saulo Brito and Gabriel São Marcos
Animation Director: Patrick Botton
Lead Modeller: Mauricio Sampaio
Lead Look Development: Claudio Junior
Lead Composition: Leandro Amorim, Isaac Buzzola
Concept Art: Estevão Teuber, Anna Caiado, Feppa Rodrigues.
Live action director: André Lefcadito (Estilingue Films)
Color Grading: Marcio Pasqualino (Psycho n’ Look)

Directed by Paulo Garcia