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Sorry if this seems self-evident, but for me the main purpose of music is to communicate emotion, to share some aspect of the human condition to whomever might be listening. I long for the simplicity and vulnerability you can get with acoustic or classical music. – moby

Moby - Reprise artwork
  1. Everloving
  2. Natural Blues (featuring Gregory Porter & Amythyst Kiah)
  3. Go
  4. Porcelain (featuring Jim James)
  5. Extreme Ways
  6. Heroes (featuring Mindy Jones)
  7. God Moving Over The Face of the Water (featuring Vikingur Ólafsson)
  8. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (featuring Apollo Jane)
  9. The Lonely Night (featuring Kris Kristofferson & Mark Lanegan)
  10. We Are All Made of Stars
  11. Lift Me Up
  12. The Great Escape (featuring Nataly Dawn, Alice Skye, Luna Li)
  13. Almost Home (featuring Novo Amor, Mindy Jones and Darlingside)
  14. The Last Day (featuring Skylar Grey & Darlingside)

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Reprise sees Moby revisiting and reimagining musical highlights from his past.  Together with the Budapest Art Orchestra, he has re-envisioned some of his most recognizable rave classics and anthems with new arrangements for orchestra and acoustic instruments, joined by a stellar line-up of guest artists from across the musical spectrum, including Kris Kristofferson, Gregory Porter, Mark Lanegan, Víkingur Ólafsson, Skylar Grey and Amythyst Kiah. 

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Reprise includes Moby’s biggest tracks. Some of the new versions are sparser and slower, while others exploit the bombastic potential an orchestra can offer.  Three decades into his career, Reprise is less of a greatest hits record and more of a chance to reflect on the way in which art can adapt over time to different settings and contexts. Moby has shared the first track from the album Porcelain, featuring Jim James (My Morning Jacket).

Here’s a video I made at home, showing how I originally wrote Porcelain and also how I re-created it with Jim James for Reprise. – moby

Listen to Porcelain featuring Jim James, here…

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