News / moby pod live recording

On Friday, May 31, moby will record a live episode of his podcast “Moby Pod” with his co-hosts Lindsay Hicks and Bagel at The Masonic Lodge in Los Angeles. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of his seminal album “Play,” the biggest-selling electronic album in history,  Moby will tell the stories behind the songs and perform acoustically with strings and guest vocalists. 

Released on May 17, 1999, “Play” features the hits “Porcelain,” “Natural Blues,” “Why Does My Heart Feel Bad?,” “Bodyrock” and more.  “Rolling Stone” magazine included the album in their list of the “Greatest Albums of All Time,” and it has sold over 12 million copies worldwide.

Tickets are available at this link – mobypod is the pre-sale password. Tickets are limited to 2 per purchase.