News / Like A Motherless Child (Slow Light Version)

Moby has today unveiled the Slow Light version of his latest single, ‘Like A Motherless Child’. Says Moby about the different take, “’I wanted to do a version that focused on the darker, almost more despairing, elements of the song.” the track is available here.
Moby has also curated a playlist of artists that influenced the recording of his forthcoming album Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt. This playlist, on Spotify and YouTube, will also be the first place fans can hear new Moby music. Listen and subscribe here.
Moby has also released the Stems for ‘Like A Motherless Child’ for free on Splice giving fans the opportunity to go ahead and create their own versions and remixes. download the stems here.
Moby’s new studio album, Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt – out March 2. You can pre-order the album here. the official video for ‘like a motherless child’ is below.