Music / Play: The B Sides

Play: The B Sides
  1. Flower
  2. Sunday
  3. Memory Gospel
  4. Whispering Wind
  5. Summer
  6. Spirit
  7. Flying Foxes
  8. Sunspot
  9. Flying Over The Dateline
  10. Running
  11. The Sun Never Stops Setting
  • Release date: October, 2000
  • Record Label: Little Idiot, Mute
  • Cat. no: IDIOT002

ok, for a start, what’s a B-side? the term made a lot of sense when singles were released on 7” pieces of vinyl. then you had the main songs on the A side, and a second song on the B-side. B-side.  cd’s and cassettes and mp3’s and etc have changed all that, but somehow the terminology persists. so even though a cd single only has one side, we still refer to the extra songs on a single as ‘B-sides’.

so what we have here is a collection of non ‘A-side’ songs that appeared on the cd-singles that were released from Play. even writing ‘cd-single’ feels anachronistic, for i know that in about 5 or 10 years very few people will even remember what a ‘cd-single’ was (for posterity, a single ((with B-sides usually)) released on a compact disc). our children will probably think of cd’s and cd-singles the same way that we think of 78’s and victrolas. nothing dates an individual more than identifying with out of date technology.  and wrinkles.   and hair loss.  but I digress.  this collection, Play: The B Sides, is a collection of songs that were’t quite appropriate for PLAY, but that i still loved enough to release as B-sides.  the fate of most B-sides is to be released on a single and  then to disappear into obscurity and mp-3 files. luckilyPlay has been a fairly successful album, so the nice people  at the record company have encouraged me to compile these B-sides into a sort of companion album toPlay. some of these songs might not be instantly accessible but i (immodestly) think that they’re all quite special. so here are some of the  B-sides fromPlay, and a couple of un-released songs as well. ok, i’ve probably written enough in what was supposed to be a short little introduction to Play: The B Sides.  Thanks for reading (and listening).