Music / 18: B-Sides + DVD

18: B-Sides + DVD

B-Sides CD

  1. Landing
  2. Love of Strings
  3. Nearer
  4. Afterlife
  5. String Electro
  6. Downhill
  7. Soul To Love
  8. Bed
  9. Piano & Strings
  10. Horse & Carrot
  11. Life’s So Sweet
  12. ISS
  13. Stay


  1. Moby's TV Show (videos)
  2. Live at Glastonbury 29.06.03 (videos)
  3. Megamix
  4. Photo Section

Bonus Tracks

  1. Song We Made Together In 30 Minutes
  2. Great Escape (Original Demo)
  3. E2D (Outtake From Play)
  4. Guitar And Flute (Original Demo)
  5. 18 (Original Demo)
  6. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Original Demo)
  7. We Are All Made Of Stars (Slow Synth Mix)
  8. KR (Outtake From Play)
  9. Flatlands (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  10. I Love To Watch You Sing (B-Side Outtake from 18)
  11. American Dry (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  12. Cunning (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  13. Waiting (Outtake From 18)
  14. 641 (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  15. Extreme Ways Live (Rough Bootleg Mix)
  16. Say My Name (Recorded In My Bathroom With One Mic)
  17. So Far Gone (Outtake From 18)
  18. Tower (B-Side Outtake From 18
  19. Girl Bed (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  20. Offland
  • Release date: November, 2003
  • Record Label: Mute, Little Idiot
  • Cat. no: LC5834BMS

just a few notes on this dvd… instead of having different sections for the videos and the documentary footage and the ‘give an idiot a camcorder’ sections we’ve edited everything together into one (hopefully) entertaining program.

and instead of having visuals for the megamix we’ve presented the mixed remixes from 18 as an audio-only section.

and on the dvd i’ve also included a random sampling of demo’s from ’18’ and from ‘play’, as well as a ‘photos’ section that is comprised of photos that i’ve taken over the last few years.

and, last but not least, as opposed to releasing the dvd and the b-sides seperately this time we’ve instead included the b-sides and the dvd together in one happy little package.

thanks, and have fun.