Long Ambients 2

Long Ambients 2 is the sequel and companion piece to 2016’s Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep., a collection of minimalist ambient music which Moby created to help him sleep, meditate and relax. Released for free in partnership with WeTransfer, it was a sleeper hit – in more than one sense – with over nine million track streams on Spotify and over half a million full album downloads.

The new instalment replicates the style of the original album, but takes the listeners on a deeper and more immersive journey with six soothing tracks, running almost four hours. Coupled with the first album, the sequel combines to make almost eight hours of relaxing songs, the perfect background for a peaceful night of sleep.

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an evening wind-down, sleep and wake up to moby music including long ambients 2, long ambients1: calm. sleep. and hotel : ambient plus ambient b-sides from classic albums like play and 18