Journal / Updates

wow, i just looked at my ‘updates’ page and i scrolled down, and down,
and down,
and down,
and boy oh boy have i written a lot of updates in the last year. i’m not tooting my own horn, but i have to say that i was kind of shocked to see just how many updates there are.
and i went to some other bands web sites and for the most part i wasn’t too impressed.
lots of bands have fancy and slick websites, but they all kind of look the same and they all take forever to load (well, for pathetic folk such as myself who have 26k connections).
my website might be simple and un-fancy, but i like it. my website philosophy has always been to focus on content and ease of use. i would love to have a quick and snazzy web site with lots of moving pictures and audio, but not until everyone (like me, stuck in the dark ages) has super-fast modem connections.
and, no offense to any web designers among you, but have you noticed that a lot of band sites really do kind of look the same? some of them are obviously really cool and distinctive, but a lot of them are quite homogenous.
and i’m sure that any web-designers reading this are the ones who designed the cool and distinctive sites, and it’s that shady guy/gal across the hall from you who designed the crappy, generic sites that i’ve been looking at.

but i’ve never designed a web-site, so far be it from me to pass comment (even though a lot of them are homogenous).

and how did the yankees lose 15-2?
is that even possible?
the world is all topsy-turvy.

Journal / Updates

and this is more of an actual ‘update’.
last night i tried to go out to see if it was in any way possible to feel some sense of normalcy in downtown new york. and, in case you’re wondering, it wasn’t.
the streets are open but quite desolate. i’m glad that i went out though, because i ran into some friends who i had been worried about. one woman lived right next door to the world trade center. she survived because as she was being evacuated she realized that she didn’t have any identification. she ran back inside to get her i.d and in those few minutes tower one collapsed and she was protected by her own building. had she been outside she would’ve died. as it is she’s homeless and her home is underneath mountains of rubble. but she’s alive. stories like this keep reaching me. some of them are true but almost unbelievable.
one man worked on the 80th floor of the world trade center. and when it started to collapse he blacked out. and then he woke up in a nearby school. he has no idea how he got there.
but he’s alive.
the stories of people who survived the attack are heartening, but also very sad, for every story of someone who survived also serves as a reminder of the people who most likely didn’t survive.

and today is a beautiful autumn day. a day where new york would normally be filled with people walking around or sitting in parks, laughing and happy. the contrast couldn’t be greater.
i can look outside at the beautiful day, but the air is still unsafe so i’m keeping my windows shut.
someday in the near future things will return to some semblance of ‘normalcy’. but when that might happen no one knows. and what that semblance of normalcy might be like is anyones guess.
in the meantime i’m going to make breakfast and listen to music and offer my prayers and support to the people who are missing, and to their loved ones, and to the rescue workers, and to all of us.
please take care of each other.

Journal / Updates

i was just reprimanded for not sending any updates while we were in germany, sorry.
two good reasons….well, three good reasons:
1-we didn’t stay in any hotels while in germany
2-difficult finding easy access to good phone lines
3-busy busy me with lots of interviews…and
4-no days off while in germany, either. 5 shows in a row.
and i don’t know what to make of this, but lately i’ve been hearing that other musicians have been saying nasty things about me in the press. i guess that’s flattering in a way, but it’s coming from musicians whom i either like or at least find interesting. fatboy slim, marilyn manson, david gray, etc.

i guess it’s karmically ok, cos i’ve said disparaging things about people in the press before, so perhaps this is a sort of karmic retribution.
it’s just odd, cos i thought that norman cook and marilyn manson were friendly acquaintances of mine. ah well. maybe we can get some good feuds going and help them to sell some more records. the press does seem to like a good feud. but i could pretend to not like norman cook (even though i think he’s a nice guy who makes good records…) in the interest of salacious publicity.

and, if i may, i’d like to start a discussion thread:
if you could see me on tour with any other band or artist, who would it be?
feel free to list multiple entries…i guess i’m just trying to figure out who your favourite musicians are…reasons to be disclosed later…thanks…

p.s-what an amazing sun-rise in rome today..oh. my. it’s almost too ominous, the bottom of the clouds are all bright orange and the tops are dark grey/blue. wow.