Journal / transit workers strike

ok, many of you know that new york is currently being hobbled by a transit workers strike.
if you need the details(i.e-why they’re striking, etc)you can find that out pretty easily in the news.
but here’s the news from the mean-and-dirty(well, actually they haven’t been mean or dirty in about a decade)streets of manhattan.
people are pissed off.
and for good reason. people are unable to get home for christmas.
people are walking for 3 hours in 10 degree weather(fahrenheit)to get to work.
taxis are gouging people and charging them absurd amounts just to get around the city.
and so on.
people are pissed off.
i kind of feel badly for the transit workers who have to go home and deal with their pissed off neighbors. and the transit workers are losing tons and tons of money($1 million dollars a day, as well as twice their daily wages every day they’re on strike).
it’s a bad strike in that it seems as if everyone is losing.
it would be different if it were july. then it would be like a big block party.
but it’s very, very cold outside and people are cranky and pissed off.
and retail sales are way down and there’s traffic as far as the eye can see and it takes 2 hours to get to the airport and so on. and so on.
so, my verdict: the strike seems to suck for all involved.
i hope it gets resolved soon.