Journal / things

i just got back from the moveon/acorn event at crobar.
it was good.
the roots and i performed. julia stiles and rosie perez read from ‘it takes a nation’.
money was raised.
all in all it was good.
i know it sounds simple, but i really love being able to play music.
making music is my job, but it’s also my favorite thing about being alive.
that’s all.
i know it’s simple, but it’s true.
thanks to everyone who came out tonight.
hopefully you all enjoyed yourselves while supporting a good cause and organization.

Journal / Things

11? lotr won 11 academy awards?
is that even possible?
or am i mistaken, did it win even more?
long live the return of geek culture.
maybe i’ll go watch ‘spellbound’ to celebrate.
did you see ‘spellbound’?
what a fantastic movie.
i saw a movie last night, ‘peaceable kingdom’ which is about ‘farm sanctuary’ and the horrors of factory farming.
if you think that you can handle scenes of what goes on inside a slaughterhouse then i highly recommend that you see this movie.
and if you can’t handle scenes of what goes on inside a slaughterhouse then i hope that you’re a vegan.
i do maintain that anyone who’s not willing to spend 6 hours in a slaughterhouse watching utterly terrified animals being brutalized and slaughtered and disemboweled probably shouldn’t be eating meat.
but that’s just my opinion.

Journal / Things

every single time i try to watch ‘2001’ i fall asleep. i’m so pathetic. just once i will actually stay awake and watch the whole thing. i really love the parts of the movie that i’ve been awake to see. but it’s so slow and pretty and peaceful and still that i just start nodding off whenever i try to watch it.
and maybe i’m an ostrich, but i don’t think that i want to read the news anymore. i check my reuters site and the drudge report and all they do is make me depressed. so i’m going to try to quit the news for a while. if something important happens i’m sure that one of my news-junkie friends will call me up and keep me informed.

and what else…tomorrow (sunday, well, as i write this tomorrow will be sunday, but as you read this tomorrow will most likely be tuesday, so humor me, ok?) is vacuuming and mopping day here at chez mo. i’ve got little dust bunnies hiding in my corners, so i’m going to try to eradicate them. maybe i’ll go out and get one of those fancy hepa-vacs so that i don’t just stir up the asbestos that’s inevitably hitching a ride with the dust bunnies.
or maybe i’ll just mop. mopping is so satisfying, especially when you empty out the foul, filthy, black mop water. yeah, see? the rock star life really is exciting, falling asleep during movies and mopping the floor of my apartment. oh, please remember that when i mop it’s just so that i can do giant lines of random drugs off the floor when all of the hookers and contortionists come to visit for my twice-weekly degenerate sex and drugs parties. (i’m just trying to salvage my rock-star cred. i know, it’s unsalvagable. woe is me.)
ok, time to listen to some classical music and go to sleep.

p.s-you know what’s odd? when i write lighthearted updates (such as this one) i’m never sure if something terrible is going to happen in the period between when i write the update and when it’s actually posted. so i’m always concerned that i’m going to write a frivolous update and then something terrible is going to happen and then i’ll feel bad for posting a frivolous update in a tragic time. i worry too much.

Journal / Things

i don’t know when def/mct (managers) offices are closing for the holidays, but once they close i might not be able to send any updates for a while. so there may be a week or so wherein the ‘updates’ part of the site will be kind of stagnant. i apologize.

i just got back from 3 days in l.a. there is something really nice about sitting in the sun and being just a little bit too warm when it’s the middle of december. if i didn’t have my studio all set up here in nyc i would seriously think about moving to l.a. i know that might sound sleazy, but i really do have a soft spot in my heart for l.a. it’s warm and there are palm trees and mountains. those are three very nice things, in my opinion.

in case anyone’s interested, i’ve been a bit more dilligent in posting drawings on the site.
the only problem i have with more drawings on the site is that the ‘drawings’ section takes a longer time to load. and i’m not one of the lucky ones with fast internet access. right now i’m logged on with a blistering 26400 bps. which is actually one of the reasons why i wanted this site to be fairly simple, cos i’m still living in the dark ages of slow internet access and it takes a long, long time for fancy sites to load for my friendly laptop.

tomorrow i’m filming an episode of mtv cribs in my house, so now i have to go and make sure that my house is relatively clean. and i’m excited cos i just hung up a nice drawing of homer simpson as done by matt groening for me. ah, the good life….personalized drawings of homer simpson hanging in my kitchen next to the sink….

ok, goodnight.

Journal / Things

sitting here in my hotel room in london listening to garage on the pirate radio stations. it’s addictive, this garage stuff (formerly called ‘speed garage’ and ‘2 step’, i think). but it only makes sense to me at 4 in the morning on pirate radio in the uk. i bought a garage compilation, and, apart from some artful dodger tracks, i didn’t like it very much. but on pirate radio late at night somehow it seems so compelling.

and today i had the strange honour of being in 4 countries in 12 hours: sweden, denmark, france, uk. last night were the mtv awards, which were suprisingly fun, and tonight we performed at the m6 awards, best international artist and best newcomer (both of which i lost). i really wanted to win best newcomer, just for the ironic value of it (my first record came out in france 9 years ago….).

i had heard that there was some confusion over just how many videos have been made for ‘play’. so to clear things up, here’s the list:
run on
bodyrock uk (dancer in parking lot)
bodyrock audition uk
bodyrock audition u.s
bodyrock u.s (star glasses)
why does my heart feel so bad?
natural blues – david lachapelle version
natural blues – animated version
porcelain – european version (eyeball)
porcelain – american version (driverless car)
south side
find my baby

and, as far as i know, all of these will be on the dvd. and, as far as i know, there won’t be any more videos made for ‘play’. but i could be wrong there.

and, i have to brag that i have been named the 5th member of u2. i was with the guys from u2 in stockholm and they grabbed me and declared that i will be the official new 5th member of their band, playing the tin whistle. hopefully this won’t take away from my own musical endeavors….. they are such nice people, and so remarkably down to earth. we had fun together in cold and lovely stockholm.
bye for now,