Journal / The Wonders Of The Internet

yesterday i went to kcrw here in l.a(well, santa monica…)and played some songs from my next record(entitled ‘hotel’, to be released on march 22nd in north america…sorry, shameless plug), and i was instantly struck with the power of the internet.
see, traditionally when you do an interview on the radio you are talking to the people within geographic proximity of the radio transmitter.
but now with the wonders of internet radio you can be talking to anyone, anywhere.
i had emails from people all over the world saying, ‘hey, i just heard you on kcrw!’
i know, i’ve known about(and been a champion of)internet radio for a few years now. but yesterday was when it’s reach was really demonstrated to me as i was getting emails from new york and florida and the uk and lots of other places around the world.
it’ll be fascinating to see what radio turns into as internet and satellite and cable radio become more viable and ubiquitous.
there are still a lot of great terrestrial radio stations, but i do think that in the future they’re going to have to approach their programming quite a bit differently in order to stay competitive.