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contrary to what has been reported in the press, i’m not engaged in any sort of ‘attack’ upon pearl jam or any of the other celebrities who have supported ralph nader and the green party in the last presidential election.

i do believe that supporting ralph nader and the green party has proven to be counter-productive, though, in the sense that it has enabled george w. bush to move within a hare’s breath of becoming the next american president. ralph nader’s presence in the election has siphoned votes away from the democratic party, and his presence in the race could potentially lead to a very conservative presidency under george w. bush. the celebrity support that ralph nader has received was certainly well intended, but ultimately quite counter-productive in that it has lent validity to a campaign that has, to a small but significant extent, caused a schism within the left in the united states.

the aims of the green party are admirable, and they have a good chance of being acted upon if al gore becomes our president-elect. it is a pretty safe bet, however, that the aims of the green party will be completely ignored under a presidency of george w. bush. the irony, of course, is that by being actively involved in the race for president, ralph nader has done a good job of making sure that none of the stated legislative goals of the green party will be addressed in the next 4 years should george w. bush become our next president.

if nader had withdrawn from the race then al gore would be our president-elect, and the legislative goals of the green party would all be achievable.

the goal of this election should have been the health and well being of the united states and it’s citizenry, not the viability of a 3rd party and its candidate. an old maxim to heed is ‘united we stand, divided we fall’, which is certainly something that the republicans know, for, according to the wall st. journal, they actively gave money to ralph nader’s campaign for president.

a vote for nader has become, quite simply, a vote for bush. i admire eddie vedder and patti smith, et. al, for being politically engaged. and i know that their hearts are in the right place. but if the product of their political engagement is a george bush presidency, then that would be a sad and ironic thing indeed.