Journal / Stunned

wow, someone on the boards said that they don’t like howard dean because he supports health care for everyone, even the homeless…

simple question: could you look a homeless person in the face and say ‘the wealthiest 1% of americans need a tax cut more than you need health care’ if that homeless person was sick and in dire need of medical attention?
personally i’m stunned that we live in an incredibly wealthy country where millions of people are denied basic health care.
i’m not in favor of higher taxes, but i do believe that every man, woman and child in the u.s deserves basic health care.
if we’re going to save money let’s stop corporate welfare. let’s stop subsidizing the oil and nuclear industries. let’s stop subsidizing the logging industry. let’s stop subsidizing the livestock industry.
doesn’t that make more sense than depriving people of health care so that millionaires can pay 2% less in taxes?