Journal / someone wrote to me recently and asked, ‘where do you work?’ so, here are some pictures of where i work

someone wrote to me recently and asked, ‘where do you work?’ so, here are some pictures of where i work.

Moby Studio

Moby Drum Machines

Moby Studio Guitar

Empire State Building

NY Sunset

the first picture is my actual studio. it’s tiny and it’s a mess and it’s filled with equipment, but i love working there and it makes me happy to be surrounded by so much old and weird equipment (some of the old and weird equipment is not included in this shot, but it’s there). it’s pretty much a one person studio, although i do record singers in here, too. it gets a bit crowded and claustrophobic if i’m in my studio with another person for more than, say, 10 minutes. but i love it (my studio, not the claustrophobia).

the second picture is my desk and drum machine museum. someday i hope to: 1-make a real movie about drum machines and 2-have an actual drum machine museum(possibly also serving coffee. the museum. not the drum machines. i don’t believe that anyone ever made a drum machine that also makes coffee. but if it exists i’ll find it).

the third picture is a guitar and piano and guitar amp in my studio that i use for writing. i sit down and i play guitar or play piano and if end up with something i like i record it and try to make a song around it. and if i dont end up with something i like, well, at least i’ve enjoyed playing guitar or piano. so that’s good.

and then a picture which has nothing to do with my studio or my work life, it’s just a picture i liked of the empire state building that i took recently. i think the syntax was kind of confused in that last sentence. mea culpa. and the last one is a simple picture of my roof at sunset yesterday.

ok, back to work. have a good weekend and a happy thanksgiving.