Journal / some music related things:

some music related things:

1-we just released the first limited edition single from ‘last night’. it’s vinyl only, and we’ve only pressed up 2,000 copies.

a-side: ‘everyday it’s 1989’
b-side: ‘the stars’

maybe it’ll end up as a collectors item. or maybe it’ll end up collecting dust in the goodwill vinyl bin on 4th avenue and 12th street. personally i’m hoping for the former, but eh, who knows?

2-the line-up for ‘degenerates’ at hiro on thursday is:

holy ghost(dfa)
princess superstar
jacques and justin(dfa)

the last 2 degenerates were really fun, and i think that this one will be particularly good.
it starts around 11 and ends around 4.

3-if you’re coming to the guggenheim on friday to see the little death
we’re doing 2 sets.
one at 9 and one at 11. and michael t from motherfucker will be dj’ing as well.
again, it should be fun night, even if the acoustics in the guggenheim aren’t exactly ideal.

4-i’m not sure if i mentioned this, but i’ll be dj’ing with princess superstar and holy ghost in miami on saturday night, as part of art basel. it’s at 60 n.e 11th st, studio a. and, for the third time, this should be really fun, too.

i need to think of other adjectives besides ‘fun’ and ‘nice’.
but these are good waspy adjectives, as they’re fairly reserved, as all good wasps should be.
ok, hopefully i’ll see you at one or more of these fun and nice events.