Journal / Simple Update:

politics. are. important. and the presidency is not an office to be taken lightly. al gore is an extremely bright and ethical man. his ‘lies’? he claims that his sister was the first person to sign up for the peace corps and it turns out that she was the hundredth person to sign up? that’s a lie? if it’s a ‘lie’, then it’s a pretty harmless one.
george bush jr is not in any way qualified to be the next president of the u.s. he’s not bright, he has a short attention span, he’s the governor of the state with the most executions (he even mocks people who have been executed- “”oh, pleaseee don’e kill me”” -george w. after the execution of a woman in texas) and one of the worst health/eduaction/environmental records in the country. the man is not qualified to be president, and anyone who believes otherwise would seem to be quite deluded. you don’t elect a president based on who would be more fun to hang out with at a barbecue.

you elect a president based on who has a better grasp of the issues and based on who will be a better leader.

i’m voting for al gore, and, not to be incendiary, i don’t see how anyone in their right mind could vote for george w.