Journal / quick list update!

quick list update!

1-i hope you had a nice weekend.

2-i’m dj’ing at my old friend don’s venue ‘the lizard lounge’ on saturday in dallas. it’s the lizard lounge’s 20 year anniversary/birthday, and i’m really happy to be dj’ing at it. even if the syntax of that last sentence was poor. i apologize. but see you saturday.

3-chris douridas has been hosting weekly events on monday night at bardot in l.a, and he’s managed to have really remarkable upcoming and established performers performing every week(last week daniel lanois played a beautiful set with rocco deluca, and michael kiwanuka performed, as well). so on december 19th i’m going to be playing a small, free acoustic show at bardot around 10pm.
1737 vine.
i especially like playing shows i can walk to from my house.
more details to follow.

4-vatican commandos spent the weekend in the studio recording new and old songs. it was really, really fun. hopefully next year we’ll play another show and release the new recordings. trying to round up some other connecticut hardcore bands for a show in may.

5-i think that’s it for now.

6-oh, newt gingrich as the gop front runner? really? a man who cheated on his wife while he was going after bill clinton for infidelity? a man who served his wife with divorce papers while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer? the only speaker of the house to be fined for egregious ethics violations? a lobbyist for both the health care and mortgage industries? multiple divorces and multiple infidelities? and he’s the republican choice for family values and clean government? i mean, really? must be hard days for the gop, huh.

7-ok, that’s it.

8-see you soon.