Journal / Odd Times

one of the double edged swords of living in lower manhattan is that there are so many fantastic places to eat.
this is a good thing(one side of the sword) in that it’s nice to have so many great places to eat, all within a 10 or 15 minute walk of my home. a little bit of chubby is ok, right?
it’s protection against a cold winter.
and each bit of chubby is just a memory of a really nice meal.
it is odd that for the first time in human history poor people in the 1st world are dying from diseases of excess and not from deprivation.
the poor in america used to dio of cholera and typhus and malnutrition.
now they die of heart-attacks and cancer and diabetes and obesity, all diseases of excess.
it’s also odd that 100 years ago the stereotypical image of a rich new yorker was a big fat man in a business suit smoking a cigar and the stereotypical image of a poor new yorker was a skinny man eating brown bread.
now the rich tend to be skinnier than the poor.
i’m not judging, i’m just saying that from an historical perspective it’s very odd.
it’s also odd that affluent people spend a significant percentage of their free time doing manual labor with machines(stairmasters, treadmills, etc).
the oddness:
rich people in new york voted for kerry who promised to raise their taxes.
poor people in the red states voted for bush who has a history of cutting services from which they benefit. in america the best golfer is black, the best rapper is white, the rich starve themselves, and the poor get sick from having too much to eat(and, oh, the draft dodger won the election as a ‘war’ president, while the decorated war hero was seen as soft on the military…). these are very odd times.
and now it’s time for bed.