Journal / Nobody Knows…

as i write this no one knows who will be the president elect of the united states. if bush wins i will follow ralph nader to the ends of the earth just to scream at him and pelt him with rotten tomatoes. if nader had withdrawn from the race then al gore would be our president elect.

and nader basically gave new hampshire to george bush. again, if nader had withdrawn then gore would be our president elect.

so, if bush is our next president i hope that nader and his supporters will be happy as women start dying of back-alley abortions, and i hope that nader and his supporters will jump for joy as our national parks become oil fields, and as we return to the ‘good old days’ of reagan style national debt, and as our public schools crumble and as the working poor watch any dreams of prosperity just disappear as our inner-cities become the burnt out shit holes that they were under reagan and poppa bush.

and i hope that the green party celebrates as, under bush, any notion of corporate environmental responsibility flies out the window.

sorry to say this, but ralph nader is the enemy, as far as i’m concerned. and all of his celebrity supporters should be hanging their heads in shame for helping george bush and the republicans.