Journal / Night Off


this is my 3rd attempt at writing a little letter. the first two times my pitiful excuse for an i-book crashed and lost everything. so this will be short so that my laptop won’t be overtaxed by the strain of dealing with such a complicated text file…

we’re in st louis with a night off, and luckily we’re staying right by the gateway arch which is one of my favourite structures in the whole world. i might go and take a little stroll to see it bathed in moonlight in all of its splendor (if in fact the moon is out and i don’t get mugged). the gateway arch was designed by eero saarinen, who was one of the most remarkable architects of the 20th century. it’s almost worth a trip to st louis just to see this amazing sculpture/structure/building.

if you do find yourself in st louis and you’re looking for something to do (after visiting the arch), there’s also a really nice children’s museum somewhere in the fairly desolate downtown area. but the arch…what a phenomenal thing… the first time that i saw it i actually got a little bit teary-eyed ‘cos it’s so beautiful, and it looks like it shouldn’t exist. or it looks as if it fell from space millions of years ago and the united states was built around it. too bad that’s not true. ok, i’ll send this before my quasi-worthless i-book crashes again.

bye for now,

p.s – other remarkable eero saarinen buildings are the twa international terminal at jfk, and the terminal at dulles (or national?) airport in d.c