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i’m in milan with a sinus infection, so that’s good.
traveling while sick is f.u.n.
actually it’s not so bad.
and i just watched a martin lawrence movie on italian tv.
whatever happened to martin?
i used to love his show.
with shanaynay.
and i have the 3rd season of ’24’….
dare i watch it?
dare i begin?
i fear…
i fear that the addiction will return and i’ll be sitting here at 9 in the morning saying, ‘ok, one more episode, just one more, i can stop anytime.’
and i missed the gigantic snow storm.
which is seriously my loss.
i like travelling around and doing interviews, but i’m genuinely sad that i missed the gigantic monster huge crazy snowstorm.
ah well.

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the news about the destruction from the tsunami in southeast asia is horrifying.
hopefully the international community will reach out and provide whatever aid is needed to the people who have been hurt and killed by the tsunami.
one little known fact about tsunami’s is that they travel incredibly fast.
when most people think of tsunami’s they make the assumption that it’s a very big wave travelling at the speed of a regular wave that you’d encounter at the beach.
but, to quote the university of washington tsunami site:

“” in the pacific ocean, where the typical water depth is about 4000 m, a tsunami travels at about 700 km/hr””
so, to put it in perspective, tsunami’s are walls of water that are 30 feet tall that travel at roughly 400 or 500 miles per hour.
that’s why they’re so incredibly destructive.

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we had been having some trouble with and but now they both seem to be working smoothly.
so if you’ve tried to use either and had problems they are now both up and running well, i believe.
in other news, i’m pet sitting and the cat(named ‘kitty’)is currently terrorizing my bathroom.
i don’t know what she’s knocking over but it sounds loud as amplified by the tile and bathtub.


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wait, hold on…380 tons of powerful explosives have been stolen from an iraqi weapons depot?
and we’re supposed to be in charge and moving towards a peaceful transition to iraqi sovereignty?
380 tons of explosives get stolen from under our noses?

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i did a guest editorship of ‘big shot’ magazine this month.
so if you’re in a magazine store that carries big shot you might enjoy having a look-see.
in other news, i might go see ‘anchorman’ tonight.
as i’ve said repeatedly in the past: will ferrell can do no wrong in my book, even if i can’t spell his name correctly.

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a little bit of good news….

washington (reuters) – the u.s. senate narrowly voted on wednesday against opening the arctic national wildlife refuge to oil drilling, defeating the centerpiece of president bush ‘s energy policy.

in a tug of war largely along party lines, senate republicans called for allowing oil companies to explore the sprawling refuge to help reduce u.s. oil imports. democrats, a few moderate republicans and environmental groups argued that the pristine wilderness should be left untouched in favor of stricter oil conservation measures and drilling elsewhere.

the senate voted 52-to-48 to reject drilling in anwr.
sen. jeff bingaman, a new mexico democrat, urged lawmakers to reject anwr drilling.
“”the solution to our long-term energy problems is not to just open this environmentally sensitive area to drilling,”” bingaman said during the senate debate.
“”this does not reduce in a significant way our dependence on imported oil.””

bingaman cited federal energy data estimating that any oil production from anwr would not begin until about 2012, and that the field would be largely played out by 2025.

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one whole hour of simpsons.
twas delightful.
2 episodes that i’d never seen.
it’s actually been months (if not years) since i last sat down and watched back to back simpsons.
the first one involved maggie shooting a bunch of mafia gangsters. and the second one involved people having religious hallucinations as a result of being overcome by natural gas. it would be difficult to explain the comedy in these thingsto visitors from another planet. but if visitors from another planet were advanced and sophisticated i’m sure that they would understand.
kodos and kang are from another planet. they seem to have a sense of humor. or senses of humor.

i think, in a completely unrelated tangent, that they (‘they’ meaning the people who make television shows) should combine all of the reality tv shows into one.
a tv show that involved old celebrities eating bugs on blind dates while auditioning for a pop group while being arrested by louissiana state troopers.
i would watch.
i actually haven’t watched too many of the reality based tv shows.
i do have a soft spot for ‘cops’. and i watched ‘blind date’ once.
‘blind date’ made me want to:
a-invite the writers to dinner.
b-renounce my membership in the human race.

in other tangential news, i went to see my friends ‘satanicide’ on saturday night in brooklyn.
it was outstanding. they were outstanding.
they’re performing at sundance, so if you happen to be in or around park city, utah you should go and see ‘satanicide’.
a good time will be had by all.