Journal / My Thoughts

so over the last couple of years i’ve said some things about george w. bush that have offended a few people. please let me say that as i don’t know george w. personally, i have nothing against him as a human being.
but it is my opinion that he’s doing a sub-par job as president. i’m concerned about his and dick cheney’s corporate past.
and i’ve read quite a lot about long standing business and personal relationships between the bushes and the cheneys and the bin ladens and other saudi families with connections to terrorists, and that concerns me.
and i resent having our foreign policy determined by oil men. and i resent having a cabinet that is filled with old men who have no understanding of the new economy.
and i resent anachronistic, right wing politics that focus on absurd issues like the pledge of allegiance while the economy falls apart. and i resent having people who work at energy coroporations determining our nations energy and environmental policies.
and i resent having an attorney general who has connections to racist organizations.
and so on.
so as i said, i have nothing personal against george bush and dick cheney. but it’s hard for anyone to say that they’re doing a good job leading our country, especially as the stock market is plummeting and unemployment is skyrocketing and our standing with our allies is at an all time low and our foreign policy isridiculed by other governments and so on and so on.
i respect the democratic right of other people to support george bush, but i just don’t think that he’s done a very good job as president.
ok, that’s it.

Journal / My Thoughts

it’s late at night, and if i were wise i would wait until tomorrow to write this.
but, as i’ve proven repeatedly, i’m not particurlarly wise in my timing of updates…but, this is important. or so i believe.

i think that the attack upon the united states, as horrific as it was, was a provocation.
they attacked 2 profound symbols. the world trade center and the pentagon. the reason they chose these places was to provoke us. and we are provoked.
we are, governmentally, planning our retaliation. if we retaliate with bombs and destruction we will only galvanize the islamic world in their hatred of us. the reason that these fanatics attacked the world trade center and the pentagon is because they want us to respond dramatically. if we respond dramatically, with threats and bombs, the islamic world will be galvanized in their hatred of us.
but yet, we need to respond.
the question thus remains, how can we respond wisely and effectively?
i’m not a politician, but i have a few ideas.
1: discredit osama bin laden. not to be facetious, but if we were to use our best graphic designers to come up with a pamphlet that depicted him drinking, gambling, and having sex with prostitutes, and then dropped this pamphlet over the islamic countries, his reputation would be destroyed. please don’t laugh. this really would work.
2: covert operations. the destruction of bin laden and his cronies should be done in secret. bombs will only create victims and martyrs. his quiet and un-dramatic demise would solve the problem and not galvanize the islamic world.
forgive my arrogance, but i really do think that these ideas are quite valid. forward them or disparage them as you see fit.
conventional warfare will not accomplish anything. or, rather, it will galvanize the islamic world and pave the way for an escalation of violence that will be horrific beyond our imagining.

these are just my opinions. please feel free to criticize me and my opinions. for, perhaps through our combined efforts we might come up with a way to protect ourselves and our way of life.

p.s-one thing to consider…the attack on america has galvanized us in profound and serious ways. which is great. but don’t you think that an attack on an islamic country would galvanize the islamic world even more? we have access to myriad news sources, they do not.
they get their information from their leaders, who are in many cases, corrupt and biased. if we give them the raw, source material with which to hate us, their leaders will use it to start a jihad the likes of which we can’t even imagine. that is what terrifies me. and that is what leads me to post this update. we need to respond wisely.