Journal / my new computer

i have a new computer, hooray! my other laptop died an unfortunate death last week…poor little ibook, may it rest peacefully in the great computer catalog in the sky. now we’re in chicago, playing 2 shows at the aragon theater. i must say that the aragon is one of the oddest and most interesting theaters that i’ve seen in a long time. it’s quite old, and the interior looks sort of like ‘alice in wonderland’ if lewis carrol had been a mexican bandito. a very odd place, indeed. and a very big place, too. i guess it holds around 5,000 people. 5,000 people packed in under the bizarre hacienda-style arches and balconies. a note: there might be rumours and such circulating about me in the press, but(unless they’re flattering…)most of them are untrue. so please don’t be dismayed if you read something about me that seems out of character, as i said, it’s probably not ture. i should probably go to sleep now. i just need to hug my new laptop and see if it needs an extra pillow or anything. goodnight, moby