Journal / Moving On

hi from london.
i just flew over from new york, and although i was kind of enjoying my 3 days at home, it is nice to be back in the uk.

still don’t know what the outcome of the election’s going to be, just have to wait and see, i guess.

flying over here i was reminded that one of my favorite things in the world is to sit on a plane with a few empty seats next to me and fall asleep in the sun. to be dozing in the bright sunlight at 40,000 feet and to then look out and see the clouds way down below is really, really nice. and flying on a plane that’s not very crowded just makes the whole experience so civilized.

again, i have to say thank you to everyone who has come out to see us perform. i really do love touring, and i’m kind of sad that at some point this tour will end. but i’m also really excited to start making the next record, as well as the dvd for ‘play’.
somehow over the last 2 years we’ve ended up with so many videos and remixes from ‘play’. it will be nice to give them all a home on the dvd.

my last night in new york i ended up meeting dennis hopper and sitting next to him at dinner. very odd. there i am just drinking my orange juice and i keep looking up and seing frank from ‘blue velvet’. kind of disconcerting. if you haven’t seen ‘blue velvet’, you should. unless you’re under 18. or if you have an aversion to that unique david lynch brand of unsettling violence. but if you know ‘blue velvet’ you can understand how strange it is to have dinner with dennis hopper (who, by the way, was a very nice man. not at all like frank in ‘blue velvet’, thankfully.)
ok, i should try to sleep.