Journal / mixmag’s greatest dance acts of all time poll

somehow i've been nominated as one of the 'greatest dance acts of all time' by mixmag. this is, of course, very flattering.  over the years i've had the opportunity to work with mixmag and a lot of the other nominees, so to celebrate i'm going to give away some of the great remixes the other nominees have done for me.

we'll be giving away 2 remixes a week (free! free! free!) on between now and xmas. to start things off here's the armand van helden remix of 'new york, new york' (which i personally think is loads better than my original version).

you can vote in the poll (for me or anyone else nominated) here:

thanks, moby.  

p.s-let me know how i can bribe you to vote for me.  if i win: everyone gets a pony.