Journal / Matters of the Press

so we’ve just finished our european tour (although we have a few more european and american dates throughout december.)
and now i’m at schiphol airport getting ready to fly back the nyc.

regarding the possible summer festival for north america…i really hope that i can make it happen. and it’s funny, cos a lot of the bands that have been suggested by you guys are exactly the bands that i’m approaching to see if they’ll participate. now it’s just a matter of seeing if i can get the right people to be involved…we’ll see…i really hope so.

and in case you hear or read marilyn manson saying nasty things about me please keep in mind that he’s kind of confused. he’s responding to something that i said five years ago. but apparently someone told him that i had said it recently. here’s what happened:
i went to see marilyn manson perform at irving plaza in nyc in 1995. during the set marilyn threw a microphone stand at his drummer. the drummer wasn’t looking and the microphone stand hit him very very forcefully in the head. the show stopped and the drummer was taken to the hospital. i was genuinely shocked and offended at this kind of violence (keep in mind that i grew up going to misfits and black flag shows, so i’ve seen a lot of violent things happen at a concert, but this was really awful.) a reporter asked me what i thought and i told. but this happened 5 years ago. whatever, i wish manson well and i’m sorry that he’s threatened me with violence in the press…he should keep in mind that i’m a pacifist and i wouldn’t fight back.

on a side note…i drew a little christmas illustration that should be posted in the drawing section soon. it’s a drawing of me on a moon with a little tree. i’ll try to be more dilligent and send in more drawings and pictures.
bye for now,