Journal / i’ve sold wolf’s lair and moved on

so, it's true. after 6 years of owning and renovating and renovating some more and living in the most interesting home in l.a (which is saying something, as there's no shortage of interesting homes in l.a) i've sold wolf's lair and moved on.

wolf's lair was built in the 20's on 4 acres overlooking almost everything: the reservoir, the hollywood sign, griffith park, the observatory, hollywood, downtown, and on clear days catalina and the channel islands, 40 miles away. then in the 60's john lautner re-designed and re-built the guest house (which i posted pictures of about a year ago).

it was and is an amazing place. a bucolic and storied 4 acre hilltop retreat in the middle of a city of 15,000,000 people.

so why did i sell? simplicity.

i loved wolf's lair. but it was just too elaborate for one simple little guy (aka: me).

if i'd started a cult or a family (and trust me, i've tried to start both) it would have been the perfect home. basically i wanted something simpler than a mountaintop castle.

oh, over the last few years i took a bunch of random pictures of wolf's lair. and as we all like some good voyeuristic architecture & design porn, here are some of the random pictures (including deer, coyotes, and some of my houseguests and their knife wielding kids. oh, and one picture of wolf's lair when it was first built in the 20's).

Wolfs Lair Garden

Wolfs Lair Garden

Hollywood Deer

"I am awesome" tattoo

John Lautner Guesthouse

Wolfs Lair Tower

Wolfs Lair Pool

Wolfs Lair view

Hollywood Reservoir

Hollywood Coyotes

Hollywood Reservoir

Wolfs Lair Driveway

Hollywood Humingbirds

Fointain and Hollywood Reservoir

Hollywood Deer

Hollywood Sunset

Hollywood Hills

Wolfs Lair Turret

Wolfs Lair Doorway

Wolfs Lair View

Wolfs Lair Garden Sunset

Downtown LA view

Wolfs Lair, 1920's

voyeuristically yours,