Journal / Issues

i probably shouldn’t be writing right now, cos it’s late and i’m very sleepy. but who can resist the lure of a sexy laptop…

you know, the issue of gay vs. straight is interesting to me. it’s kind of like the issue of catholic vs. protestant. or apples vs. oranges.
personally, i would like to live in a world where there was no distinction between being gay or straight. what i mean is that i would like to live in a world where it wasn’t an issue. where people liked people regardless of their gender. and where no one was ashamed of their sexual orientation. to answer your question, i’m pretty straight. i do find myself much more sexually attracted to women than to men. but i wish that it wasn’t an issue.

one of the things i love about new york city is that it’s a place where gay couples can walk down the street holding hands and/or kissing and no one bothers them. i hate the fact that there are parts of the world where people are persecuted or made to feel bad for their sexual orientation.

romance and sex and love are really nice things, and when two people (or more, whatever) are attracted to each other, then i believe that’s something to be celebrated. homophobia is something that’s always mystified me. what possible reason can anyone use to justify homophobia? i find it kind of ironic when people say that ‘homosexuality is not natural’…umm, last time i checked neither were:
antibiotics, synthesizers, airplanes, pasteurization, automobiles, televisions, footballs, wrestling costumes, sneakers, lightbulbs, etc.
live and let live. what people choose to do as consenting individuals is their business and no one elses, or so i believe.
ok, time for bed.