Journal / i was in a bar tonight on 3rd street.

and the, i think, american music awards was/were on the tv.
and, accidentally, i found myself watching them.
ah boy, i mean, really?
it made me think of something flea said to me.
we were at a concert(the artists name shall not be mentioned)and he turned to me and said ‘it’s like punk rock never happened’.
and i agreed.
so, again, really?
this is what mainstream music has become?
music has the potential to be transcendent.
it has the potential to change people’s lives and inspire people to, potentially, change the world.
music can reach people in their darkest places and inspire hope.
music can reach people and inspire them to make the world a much better place.
music can be gods way of reaching people.
sorry if that sounds trite or cliche’d, but it’s true.
music can be all things to all people.
it can be celebratory or it can be mournful.
it can be sacred or secular.
it can be destructive or constructive.
it can be everything.
so how the fuck did it end up being trite crap that is referred
to as ‘product’ between network sponsors?
sorry, but music, which can be sacred, has become the disturbingly profane.
i’m not exempting myself from this.
i’ve sold my songs.
i’ve sold myself.
and i’m sorry.
and i probably have no right to criticize what’s become of the world of popular music.
but when i see the world of music, formerly the domain of john lennon and kurt cobain and joe strummer and neil young, profaned and turned into a desperate machine for perpetuating soulless corporate careers it makes me sick to my stomach.
music should be better.
it is better.
please, someone, redeem this morass in which music finds itself.
sorry if i sound disingenous and way too earnest.
it just breaks my heart that music has become what it’s become.
it’s god’s language.
it breaks my heart that it’s become a vehicle for aggressive compromise.
it needs to be redeemed.