Journal / here’s an amazing picture from the hubble archives

here’s an amazing picture from the hubble archives:

picture from the hubble archives.

i think it’s remarkable (and impossible to truly make sense of) that one of these galaxies is huge beyond imagining. and here are 4 of them.

and if you look in the background you’ll see hundreds more galaxies. and it’s a picture that represents, roughly, 1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000th of the known universe.

to wit, and self-evidently: we live in a big universe. and at one point some of the matter documented in this photograph was a part of us and our ancestors. and vice versa. assuming there actually is such a thing as matter, as quite possibly it’s just a temporal manifestation of some quantum phenomena of which we’re incapable of understanding. assuming there’s quanta. as quite possibly all of the metrics by which we measure and describe the universe are, at their essence, meaningless and solely the product of our biological and temporally linear perspective.

it kind of makes my head hurt. but it’s a beautiful picture. and the universe is big. assuming there’s a universe.