Journal / here’s a picture i took earlier. i’m not sure what it is, exactly, but i’m choosing to believe that it’s a raven harbinger of some sort of relatively benign apocalypse

or it could just be a crow.
but as the mayan apocalypse is almost upon us i'm going to go with 'raven harbinger' rather than 'crow'. or both.
so. i have my own hopes/thoughts about the upcoming mayan apocalypse.
first and foremost is my hope that we're somehow moving out of the age of stupid.
for millions of years our ancestors had to deal with problems that were not of their own making. like, for example, bears and lions and scarcity.
and now we primarily have to deal with problems of our own making: obesity, cigarettes, war, rape, famine, pollution, intolerance, global warming, gun violence, murder, etc, etc.
and we unfortunately have no one to blame but ourselves.
we've created paradise and filled it with problems.
so my hope is that the apocalypse will somehow get people to wake up and stop being so pointlessly and avoidably stupid.
and to stop creating problems for themselves. and, while we're at it, for others.
which sounds glib, i know.
but that's what i'm hoping. maybe, as some smart people think, it's also leaving behind the era of belligerent patriarchy and moving into an era of benign matriarchy.
maybe it's when the polar ice sheets fall into the sea and we realize that there are consequences to idling our cars in the parking lot at starbucks.
or, simply, it's when we(me included) all wake up and stop being stupid.
maybe it's when we stop wrapping plastic toys in plastic shrink wrap.
maybe it's when we stop feeding thousands of pounds of grain to cows when that same grain could actually be fed to starving humans.
maybe it's when governments stop subsidizing tobacco production.
maybe it's when we stop heating our driveways.
maybe it's when the punishment for rape becomes greater than the punishment for growing marijuana.
maybe it's when we stop paying professional athletes 10,000 times more than school teachers.
maybe it's when we stop using drinkable water in our toilets.
maybe it's when we stop using poison to keep golf courses looking green.
maybe it's when the background check on buying a gun becomes more extensive than the background check on adopting a cat.
and so on. and so on.
in any case, here's a picture of a crow who is heralding the end of the age of stupid.