Journal / happy new year

happy new year(to those of us who begin our new year on january 1st. to everyone else who begins their new year elsewhere…happy january 1st).
i hope that your year begins happy, is primarily characterized by happiness, and ultimately ends happy.
‘happy’ is a simple word, but i’m a simple person.
i hope that you recognize that happiness comes from, in my experience:
a-being in the company of good people whom you care about and who care about you.
b-being healthy.
c-being able to express yourself through your work.
d-being able to appreciate right now, without being plagued by worry over what may or may not happen in the future.
e-being able to put things in perspective, and being able to recognize that most problems can be overcome, and most day-to-day catastrophes have a way of ultimately being seen as un-catastrophic.

so, if i were your grandmother, i’d say: ‘spend time with people you care about, eat well and get some exercise, do good work, and don’t worry so much. and have a happy new year.’

and even though i’m not your grandmother i hope that the sentiments expressed here are still relatively valid…
happy new year,

p.s-if you’re hungover don’t be too hard on yourself. everyone’s hungover on new years day(well, everyone except me. i’m boring). drink lots of liquids and sleep as much as you can. those are the only sure fire cures for a hangover.

Journal / happy new year

i’m going away for a few days, and i’ll be without internet.
so while i’m still connected i thought i’d take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year.
so: happy new year!
i hope that you all have safe and wonderful new years eves.

Journal / Happy New Year

happy new year everybody.
well, everybody for whom december 31st is the last day of the old year and january 1st is the first day of the new year.
i’m actually assuming that the majority of the people on the planet have a different date for new years eve, but for the rest of us, happy new year. and to trot out the well-intentioned new years eve party quotes:
be good or good at it.
be good or be safe.
don’t do anything i would do.
and so on. a few moderately ribald old chestnuts to see you off into whatever sort of bacchanalian revelry you have planned.
and don’t drink and drive (diana ross with a blood alcohol level of .2? do you know just how drunk someone is with a blood alcohol level of .2? as far as i know, at .2 you’re stumbling and slurring and your vision is blurry. driving at .2. ugh. the motown legacy is becoming stranger everyday.).

in other news, isn’t eddie izzard terriffic? i was watching an eddie izzard concert last night (recorded at town hall in nyc, 2000) and i was reminded of just how remarkable he is.

ok, happy new year. have fun. don’t drive drunk.

Journal / Happy New Year

now it’s officially the new year.
well, for most of the world, that is.
i guess that in the time zones between l.a and the international date-line it’s still 2001.
but for the rest of us it’s 2002.
except for those of us who follow a different calendar.
but for the rest of us who follow the gregorian (is that right?) calendar, it’s 2002.

so, happy new year!

i’ve had a very quiet and sober new years eve (i.e-i’m very dull).
i went for a long walk and invented a good game for new years eve in nyc.
it’s kind of like ‘i spy with my little eye…’ but for new years eve.
you get the following points for every one of the following that you spot:

5 points-obviously drunk celebrant
25 points-man or woman making out in public with other man and/or woman
50 points-man or woman in fancy evening clothes throwing up on the street
75 points-man or woman kicking something inanimate because they can’t find a taxi
100 points-an available taxi.
you get no extra points if you see people fighting. in fact if you see people fighting you forfeit 10 points. cos people fighting in public (or in private) is just too depressing. luckily in my walk i saw all of the above, but i didn’t see anyone fighting. so i don’t lose any points. so i guess i win!
well, big deal, seeing as i was the only one playing my game.
ok, happy new year.
and if on future occassions you decide to play my aforementioned game you should forward all royalties and fees to me c/o this website. any attempt to play the aforementioned game without the specific written permission of me or my signatories or my heirs will, of course, be punished to the full extent of the law. we are living in the brave new world, right? bring on the soma. i wonder if they make different flavoured soma? i would like mine to taste like cinammon.
time for bed,
happy new year!