Journal / Happy Holiday

ok, i’m not sure when this will go up, as it’s december 24th and everyone is home for the weekend.
but i wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season.
merry christmas
happy channukah
happy kwanzaa
happy saturnalia
and happy whatever holiday you choose to celebrate on or around the shortest day of the year.
i hope that you are all happy and at peace.

Journal / Happy Holiday

how many religious holidays are there supposed to be this weekend?

easter, passover, but any others?
well, whatever the religious observance of your choosing, i hope that you have a, well, i guess ‘happy’ is the wrong word, huh.

so is today good friday?
good friday always seems so sad to me. whether you believe in christ or don’t believe in christ you have to admit that a guiltless man(or any person) being crucified is very sad and upsetting indeed.

when i used to dj i used to play ‘dont leave me this way’ on good friday. it made sense, somehow.

how sad to think that 2000 years ago the powers that be felt compelled to torture and kill a man who espoused the virtues of compassion, humility, forgiveness, love and non-judgementalism.

the u2 song ‘pride in the name of love’ also feels right on good friday.

it’s strange for me to talk or write about religion, because my religious beliefs are so simple, but yet so ambiguous.

the simple part is that i love christ and that in my own way i see him as being divine. i love that he stressed the virtues that i mentioned beforehand. humility, love, compassion, forgiveness, and non-judgementalism.

the complicated part is that we live in a universe that is larger than any human being could possibly fathom, and is, apparently, 15 billion years old, and is comprised of trillions and trillions of stars and planets.

so little old 36 year old me? how could my opinions be anything other than subjective at best? i often wonder whether or not it’s possible for us to grasp anything even resembling objectivity or objective truth.

logic would seem to indicate that the very act of being human(and thus being limited in our abilities to perceive anything)prevents us from being able to know things on an objective level.

but who knows? maybe we can know things on an objective level. maybe objectivity can be understood by some of us. certainly not by me. i haven’t got a clue. i only know things on my simple, 36 year old, human level. but maybe a brick will fall on my head and in an instant i will see the age, breadth, scope, and depth of the universe. and then my brain will explode. well, most likely it will. or maybe it will turn into a piece of kibble and it will roll out of my ear and some chihuaha will scamper up and eat my kibble-brain.

anything’s possible.

happy easter. happy passover. happy whatever religious or non-religious holiday you choose to observe this weekend.

let’s do what we can to make the world better, somehow. i know, i’m being simple again. simple and naive. but why the fuck not? why not work towards making the world a kinder and more compassionate and less judgemental place? it seems like a good idea, right? i mean who apart from a deranged sociopath(or republican fundraiser)could have a problem with a more compassionate and less judgemental and less violent world? (the ‘republican fundraiser’ bit was thrown in there just to see if anyone’s actually still reading this…)

so have a nice and peaceful weekend. and christ, if you’re reading this, i understand to some small extent why you had to die, but it still makes me sad. im sorry that you suffered so much. i wish it could’ve been different for you somehow.