Journal / Happy Day

is this schizophrenic?
i was just exercising and listening to pantera (very inspirational exercising music, makes you feel like a shot caller).
and now i’m eating rice and beans and listening to debussy.
and in a few minutes i’ll go into my studio and work on some house music.
it’s like i’m running a half-way house for wayward musical genres.
a little sign by my front door, ‘all genres welcome, wipe your feet, no shoes, no shirt, no service.’

and on a completely unrelated note, i love it when signs (especially at delis) list a whole bunch of things next to each other and you end up with some very bizarre and unintentional combinations.
such as ‘fish spices’.
‘pizza heroes’.
‘beer meat’.
oh, it’s also the shortest day of the year.
happy winter equinox, everybody.
well, happy winter equinox to people in the northern hemisphere.
happy longest day of the year to our antipodean and sudamerican friends. and happy day that is exactly the same length as every other day to our friends in singapore.