Journal / ‘friend of god’

i just got back from dc, where i went to see a screening of my friend alexandra pelosi’s movie ‘friend of god’, about evangelicalism in the united states.
it’s a great movie, at times funny(evangelical pro-wrestlers), at times absurd(ted haggard asking a parishioner how often his wife has orgasms), at times depressing(little kids stating their belief in creationism after seeing drawings of humans with dinosaurs), and at times infuriating(just about everything else in the movie).
i believe it’s going to be running on hbo soon.
the movie reminded me just how utterly disconnected the agenda of the evangelical christian right is from the teachings of christ.
they’re jesus obsessed, but there’s no correlation between their agenda and the teachings of christ.
i know, i’ve written about this a lot in the past.
but it’s worth remembering: the evangelicals are obsessed with prayer in schools, supporting the war in iraq, opposing the teaching of evolution, fighting gay marriage, banning abortion.
and also worth remembering that jesus never mentioned any of these things in the new testament.
in fact he said, to paraphrase: don’t pray in public, don’t engage in violent behavior, judge not lest you be judged, and so on.
i just wish that someone in the mainstream media would ask jerry falwell or some other evangelical leader: ‘what part of your anti-gay/pro-war message is supported by the teachings of christ?’
‘friend of god’ is a great movie, please try to see it if you can.