Journal / Festive Greetings

as it’s the christmas season and most of the people at my management companies have taken well deserved time-off i’m not sure when this journal entry will be posted.
it might be posted on christmas eve, which is when i’m writing this.
or christmas day.
or the 26th.
which is ok, even though this is a sort of time-sensitive journal entry. i just wanted to wish everyone a nice christmas, or whatever other holiday you choose to celebrate at this time of year. it’s nice that a lot of people choose to celebrate something at mid-winter, because mid-winter is a nice time to celebrate something.
and it does still freak me out a bit that a lot of people in the southern hemisphere will be celebrating whatever it is they choose to celebrate by wearing shorts and going to the beach.

i’m sure that’s nice, but i’ve been conditioned by a lifetime of living in the northeast of the united states to associate christmas with cold. and tonight it’s cold, thus reinforcing my conditioning.
the fact that the majority of christmas related music and whatnot is also centered around circumstances in cold climates also contributes to my associating this time of year with cold.

well, i hope that wherever you happen to be you find yourself doing something with people whom you care about and who care about you.
and i know that for a lot of people this time of year is depressing because they don’t have friends and family to share the holidays with.
well, if you’re alone for the holidays you have my warmest wishes and my sincere hopes that you feel hopeful and cared for. maybe someone should start a thread on the boards wishing happy holidays to people who find themselves alone on christmas.
that would be a nice thing to do.
happy holidays.
and thanks,