Journal / Exam Answer

and the answer to the final exam is…
yes, ‘pie pants’ is a simpsons reference.
in a recent simpsons episode millhouse said ‘gee bart, i didn’t know that you’re dad was into science’ and homer, very alarmed, said ‘science?’ and bart said, ‘no dad, millhouse said ‘pie pants”and homer said, ‘mmmmm….pie pants’

but all of the answers are right, cos we run one of them there ‘open’ schools around here where no one has a wrong answer. but the real right answer was ‘mmm….pie pants’.
although even after watching homer say ‘mmmm….pie pants’ i still don’t have any idea what pie pants could or would be. pants made out of pie? pants with pie in them? pie made out pants?
so i guess i’m a terrible final-exam-giver, for i have no idea what the correct answer is.