Journal / decreasing oxygen in our atmosphere

there are clearly many things to be scared of in our world.


but there is one truly terrifying thing that has received almost no media attention, and it’s the single scariest thing that any of us could even possibly consider: decreasing oxygen in our atmosphere.

in brief:

50,000 years ago the earth’s atmosphere was roughly 30% oxygen.

at present it’s around 19% oxygen, and dropping.  and in some urban environments the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere is as low as 12%.

this is due to:

-cutting down the rainforests(largely for animal agriculture)
-cutting down arboreal forests(for timber and development)
-forest die off(due to climate change)
-ocean acidification and die off(due to climate change.  note: the oceans produce 50% of our oxygen).

we can survive storms.  we can survive fires.  we can survive terrorism.  we can survive droughts.  but we can’t survive if we can’t breathe.  and at present that’s the direction we’re heading.

i’m genuinely surprised that more attention hasn’t been place on this issue, as it’s the single scariest thing i can imagine.  a world in which we can’t survive by breathing the air.

if we don’t stop burning petroleum products, and if we don’t stop using animals for food, we simply won’t have enough oxygen on the planet to sustain human life.