Journal / ‘Clean Living Born Again Christian’

ok, i just read a time magazine article that, while well written and informative, got a few things wrong about me, and, being petulant, i wanted to clear up some misconceptions about me:

1-i’m not a born-again christian. i have never been a born-again christian. i love christ and the teachings of christ but i don’t ascribe to any specific religion or denomination.

2-i’m not a ‘clean living tea-totaller’. i drink occasionally, and i have on one or two occasions even ingested substances that are considered illegal by our government (nothing too serious, mind you, i’ve never tried heroin or cocaine, and i don’t think that i ever will).

3-i’m not 5′ 8″” tall. i’m 6′ 4″” tall and i’m built like adonis….well, actually i’m 5′ 9″” and i slouch. so i guess that with the bad posture i really am clocking in at 5′ 8″”. sad…i would like to be 6′ tall.

so, if any members of the 4th estate (is it the 4th estate? the press? i always get confused. 3rd estate?) are reading, could you please in the future not refer to me as a ‘clean living born again christian’? thanks.

you can refer to me as a vegan, cos i’m still a vegan. well, given our wonderful tradition of freedom of the press you can refer to me as a dog eating space alien if you want to (although i’ve never actually eaten dog, what with me being a vegan and all).
but please, no more ‘clean living born again christian’…

thank you.