Journal / Cable Radio

ok, i don’t want to sound like too much of shut-in geek, but i’ve just discovered the joys of cable-radio. my cable tv comes with cable radio, and it’s actually pretty terrific. no commercials. and the music is surprisingly good. in fact it seems to be the only place to hear good dance and electronic music on the radio in the states.
see, here in the states we have, well, a rather restricted diet when it comes to commercial radio. right now rå¡yksopp are on the cable radio. which is great. cos i can’t imagine that rå¡yksopp aregetting a lot of support from commercial radio in the states.
i’m not criticizing commercial radio in the states (do you think i’m actually that stupid?), but this cable radio is making me happy right now. and if i want to know details about the song that’s playing i just have to turn on my tv monitor. ok, now i sound like a corporate schill for cable radio. i assure you that’s not the case.
i’m just happy to hear rå¡yksopp in my living room right now.
and no commercials for muffler companies.
ok, thus ends my enthusiastic journal entry about cable radio.
and i’m sure that all of you tech-savvy people have been enjoying cable radio for years now. but i’m late and slow. take pity upon poor late, slowme.