Journal / Beautiful Christmas

sorry, this is going to be a sickeningly nice journal entry…
last night (christmas eve) my friend kelly and i got together at my house and made corn chowder and vegan chili and mashed potatoes and stuffing and vegan turkey (don’t laugh, it was actually really good). and we listened to christmas carols and watched the snow fall outside.
then today i woke up and it was pouring rain. so i packed up the food and walked in the rain to teany, where friends and family were supposed to meet up throughout the day.
so i got to teany and my stepfather and aunt and uncle and cousins (one aunt and uncle couldn’t make it cos they were snowed in in upstate connecticut, they were missed…) arrived and we started cooking more food and heating what we had made and then more friends arrived and then more friends and i was rushing around the kitchen fixing food for everyone and then the rain turned to snow and we all sat in teany watching the snow fall and eating and watching our friend jb (the best magician in the world) do magic tricks.
and some friends left and more arrived and the snow kept falling and the food kept being eaten.
and then around 6 pm everyone kind of stumbled out into the blizzard( strong winds and fierce snow fall, that’s a blizzard, right?) and kelly and i spent an hour cleaning up teany and then went over to damian’s house to say hello to his family and then we spent a few hours drinking red wine and playing risk (kelly won. i was the first to lose.). and now it’s 3 in the morning and i’m home and i’m sorry if this is all sickeningly nice, but apart from being the snowiest christmas in memory, it’s also one of the nicest christmases that i’ve ever had.
i hope that your christmas was wonderful, too.
and apparently this is the most snow that has fallen on christmas in the northeast ever. i hope that the snow didn’t screw up your christmas plans. the snow in new york was beautiful.