Journal / apocalypse soup

Time lapse soup. Years and years ago when i lived in an abandoned factory i made giant pots of soup that fed me for weeks. And in the apocalypse(s) i’ve revisited this.

My apocalypse soup;

Red potatoes
Cooked black beans
Cooked pinto beans
Homemade vegetable stock
Salt and pepper.

Sautee leeks onions garlic scallions.
Add chopped carrots and potatoes.
Add vegetable stock and water.
Boil until everything is soft.
Puree in any blender.
Add corn, cooked black beans, cooked pinto beans, salt and pepper, and possibly some water.
Cook for another hour or so on a low heat.
And boom, apocalypse soup.

Oh, p.s amounts vary according to what you like and how much soup you want to make.
And p.s.s you can easily freeze what you don’t use.
P.s.s.s i like to serve it with a vinegar based hot sauce.