Journal / ah, rudy giuliani, lunatic new yorker to the core

ah, rudy giuliani, lunatic new yorker to the core.

today he said ‘there were no domestic terrorist attacks under bush, and one under obama.’ i guess, uh, rudy giuliani has forgotten about september 11, 2001? a refresher: that’s when terrorists hijacked 4 planes and killed thousands of americans in new york, d.c, and pennsylvania. not to keep bringing up old history, but september 11, 2001 was technically 9 months after george w. bush was instated in office. as president. but i can see how rudy giuliani would be confused, as he is, technically, an angry crazy person. is it also worth mentioning that the ‘one’ terrorist attack under obama that giuliani is referring to resulted in two very minor injuries (the terrorist himself received some mild burns, as did the passenger who subdued him)? kind of a far cry from the thousands of people who died on september 11 when gw bush was president.

onto happier things: we’re 4 hours south of perth and it’s beautiful. i walked out on the beach and i’ve never in my entire life seen so many stars in the sky. if i were a conspiracy theorist i’d say that light pollution in the industrialized world is designed to keep people from looking up into the night sky and being reminded of the fact that we’re tiny.

ok, goodnight from dunsborough, wa.


p.s-some pictures from dunsborough. it’s nice here.