Journal / a message from our good pal dave hill

a message from our good pal dave hill:

Diamondsnake + Bambi/Saturday, Dec. 4/10:30pm/Mercury Lounge (217 E. Houston St. at the corner of Avenue A)/$10

Attentione People of New York City:

Thanksgiving- am I right? It’s like- do not even get me started on this topic. Anyway, do you like hard rocking rock music played by reasonably mature men with offbeat good looks? Oh great, then you are going to pretty much have a seizure or something when you hear about what I am about to tell you. Next Saturday, December 4 at 10:30pm, Diamondsnake, the scorching-hot rock quartet featuring Phil Costello, Tomato, Moby, and me, Dave Hill from before, will be firing up a full-on rock assault for all the people who show up at the Mercury Lounge over there on East Houston Street, which is right there in the heart of that section of town where people pretty much hate rules. As you can probably imagine, it is going to be so great. Most of our songs are about intercourse and/or stuff that is very closely related to the topic of intercourse. Also, there are a lot of guitar solos and we wear tight pants within reason. We are so good at rocking people that a couple weeks ago I was totally hanging out like a regular person (even though I am not) and this super hot chick walked right up to me and said “Hey, Dave- you are in Diamondsnake. Want to have intercourse with me and several of my friends at no additional cost to you or your loved ones?” Then I looked her right in the eye and said “Welcome to Best Buy!” I don’t really work at Best Buy but sometimes when offers of intercourse come in when I am shopping for basic appliances, I just get flustered. Who is with me? Anyway, I really hope you can come to the hot rock show. The great rock band Bambi is going to heat up the stage before us with their molten rock action and then we are going to take the stage like a bunch of Vikings who have just been let off a Viking ship that has been at sea for a seriously long time and- as a result- we have grown impatient and aren’t exactly looking to have our buttons pushed right now, thanks. We are irritable and come in search of a hot bath and also snacks, intercourse, fresh horns for our helmets, and those furry little pelty things that cover the nuts. You can get a better sense of everything I have just been talking about by watching our new video for our rock epic “Woman, Yeah” (non-string section version), which was directed, shot, edited, and put on YouTube by Moby, right here:

You can get tickets for the rock show here.


Dave Hill