Journal / 1%

you know, i don’t know why i feel compelled to respond to these sort of things, but here i go again…
not that it’s anyone’s business, but i do not have a sexually transmitted disease. see, there’s this thing called the ‘rumor mill’… it’s run by people who are amped up on crystal meth and wear ice-skates to bed.
they only eat live snails and they’re usually about 10 feet tall.
and they all have sex only so they can give people consumption.
and they all date celebrities and they build prisons on their rooftops and their parents were actually lobsters.
sound farfetched?
it is.
oh, i forgot to mention that 999 out of 1000 times when you hear a rumor about someone it’s usually untrue.
i appreciate that 99% of you are aware of this little fact. you’re smart, and that’s good. so this update is for the 1% who are perhaps a little bit more gullible and who are prone to believing things that might not be true.

p.s-my parents were lobsters.