Music / Wait For Me (Ambient)

Wait For Me (Ambient)
  • Release date: November, 2009
  • Format: Digital
  • Record Label: Little Idiot
  • Cat. no: IDIOT001XA

Disc two of the deluxe edition of Wait For Me is an ambient version of the original album, including 16 brand new interpretations of the original tracks, re-interpreted and re-recorded by moby. Also available as a stand-alone digital album.



  1. A Seated Night (Ambient)
  2. Study war (Ambient
  3. Pale horses (Ambient)
  4. Stay down (Ambient)
  5. Hope is gone (Ambient)
  6. Wait for me (Ambient)
  7. Division (Ambient)
  8. Mistake (Ambient)
  9. Walk with me (Ambient)
  10. Isolate (Ambient)
  11. Shot in the back of the head (Ambient)
  12. Slow light 1 (Ambient)
  13. Ghost return (Ambient)
  14. Scream pilots (Ambient)
  15. Jltf3 (Ambient)
  16. Slow light 2 (Ambient)