Journal / weather.

i was up in connecticut earlier today and it was warm and sunny.
nice, right?
but it’s december 23rd.
are we correct in assuming that a warm sunny day on december 23rd somehow indicates that the world’s weather is broken?
or is it just a nice, warm, sunny day in the middle of the winter?
i also just read a report on bears wherein it was revealed that a lot of bears aren’t hibernating during the winter due to warmer weather.
so…is the weather broken?
what next?
will the gulf stream shut down?
rising sea levels?
disappearing archipelago’s?
bald guys who don’t know how to spell ‘archipelago’s’?
weather is big(i really am the master of self-evident statements), and it seems that any changes to the weather as a global system will be fairly unpredictable(the basis of chaos theory, that a system comprised of trillions of variables is unpredictable), right?
it’s hard to not feel an overwhelming sense of dread and curiosity when it comes to the potential repercussions of global climate change(self-evident statement #2).
an aside: i wonder if climate change has any effect on the tectonics of the earth?
oh, one thing that bugged me about ‘an inconvenient truth’…al gore was talking about the myriad ways in which humans are breaking the weather, but he didn’t mention animal production.
animal production is the #1 cause of rainforest deforestation, and the billions and billions of farm animals on the planet are a huge source of green-house gases(cos they poo and fart a lot. really).
i liked ‘an inconvenient truth’, but i was left wondering why al gore left out the data about animal production as a primary contributor to greenhouse gas production.


Journal / Weather

ok, weather.
i mean really, what the hell?
i used to look at the friendly yahoo weather page and it would say ‘sunny’ for days on end.
now it just says ‘showers and thunderstorms’ for weeks on end.
the weather is broken and new york has become seattle.
saturday was different.
saturday was perfect, cloudless and warm and just a flawless day.
but in the past perfect, cloudless, warm days were the rule, and now they’re the rare exception.
i’ll keep my weather tirade brief, as i’m sure that weather tirades have limited utility in their capacity to entertain.
maybe ‘raining again’ was more prescient than i’d thought.

Journal / Weather

i’m sure that today of all days in the year is the day in which the fewest number of new yorkers will commit suicide.

oh, why is that?’ well might you ask… because it’s the most beautiful day e v e r. ever. wow. not a cloud in the sky and it’s warm and breezy and you can see everything with complete crystal clarity.
i know that i devote far too much update space to my weather obsession, but today it’s justified cos it’s so unspeakably beautiful outside (and inside thanks to my friendly skylights which you all have become so well acquainted with). i just got samples of some ‘area:one’ tshirts. they look nice, in my opinion. ok, time to go and plan my overthrow of the international drug cartels.