Journal / TreeNY Christmas

teany has a christmas tree.
kelly and i went out and got little evergreen trees for our planter boxes and today we got a big christmas tree for the outdoor area in front of teany.
and last night ms. kelly put up little white christmas lights (i believe they are called fairy lights in the rest of the world), so now teany looks christmas-y.

ok, time to backtrack and stop being such a woosieand maybe sound more like a real rockstar…
kelly and i went out in my tricked out black bentley and had my coterie of bodyguards pick out gold plated christmas trees while we did blow with pyjama clad strippers.
yeah, that’s more like it.
i’m tough.

but we bought this really nice christmas tree on the corner of essex and houston and now it’s in front of teany looking very nice.
1/2 the fun of christmas is setting up christmas-y things.
we are going to put a rubber duck on the top of the tree.
at least that’s my idea.