Journal / this a word nerd journal entry

this a word nerd journal entry, so feel free to disregard it if you’re not, er, uh, a word nerd.
before i start, to balance things out a bit:
hookers hookers strippers coke tequila st. barth’s p-diddy cannes gulfstream.
ok, now i can indulge.
there’s an old challenge wherein the challenger says something like: ‘name 3 words that end with ‘gry’ and i’ll give you a pony.’
then the challenge-ee says: ‘angry. hungry. and….and…’
and then spends the rest of their life trying to think of another word that ends with ‘gry’.
before i ruin this age-old word game i’ll also mention that there’s a puzzle about this challenge.

here’s a paraphrased version of the puzzle:

‘angry’ and ‘hungry’ are 2 words that end with ‘gry’.
what is the third word, do you know?

the answer is at the bottom of the page.
so, being a nerd, i went out and found a bunch of words that end with ‘gry’.
these are all old and arcane words, but words nonetheless:

aggry: Coloured and variegated glass beads of ancient manufacture, found buried in the ground in Africa. A word of unknown origin. Seemingly always used attributively, as in aggry beads.
braggry: A variant form of braggery. Obsolete.
conyngry: An obsolete dialectal variant of conyger, itself an obsolete term meaning “rabbit warren”.
gry: The smallest unit in Locke’s proposed decimal system of linear measurement, being the tenth of a line, the hundredth of an inch, and the thousandth of a (“philosophical”) foot. Also the grunt of a pig, an insignificant trifle, or a verb meaning to roar. Obsolete.
iggry: Egyptian colloquial Arabic pronunciation of ijri: “Hurry up!”, brought back after the First World War by members of British and Australian forces who had fought in Egypt.
meagry: Having a meagre appearance. Obsolete.
nangry: A variant form of angry. Obsolete.
podagry: Dodder, or the condition of a plant infested with it.
puggry: A variant form of puggree, a light turban or head-covering worn by inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent.

in other word nerd news: merriam-webster recently published their ‘word of the year’ list.
the winners:

1. truthiness
2. google
3. decider
4. war
5. insurgent
6. terrorism
7. vendetta
8. sectarian
9. quagmire
10. corruption

what’s interesting about this list is that 9 of the top 10 words have to do, directly or indirectly, with the war in iraq. personally i think that ‘google’ the verb should’ve been the word of the year.

p.s-oh, the answer to the puzzle is ‘what’.