Journal / The War on Christmas

here, in america, we are in the middle of THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS.
oi vey.
right wing christians are up in arms because certain retail outlets will say ‘seasons greetings’ or ‘happy holidays’ instead of ‘merry christmas’.
and they’re upset that nativity scenes and christmas trees are sometimes taken off of public property.
i mean, really?
let’s just look at some facts:
a-christmas trees have nothing to do with christ. they’re a pagan, scandinavian tradition, widely adopted in the rest of the world.

b-jesus wasn’t born on december 25th. when was he born? no one knows. but december 25th? almost impossible. shepherds were tending their flocks by night, right? well, not in the middle of winter, even in israel, cos it’s cold. so unless they were developmentally disabled shepherds they certainly weren’t tending their flocks by night on december 25th. we celebrate christmas on december 25th because 2,000 years ago
december 25th was the shortest day of the year. now the shortest day of the year is december 21st, soon it’ll be december 20th, eventually it’ll be july 4th, due to having an irregular calendar, even with leap-year. when the pagans were being converted they made a bargain: ‘let us keep our mid-winter pagan holiday and we’ll become christians.’ ‘ok, but how about we call the mid-winter pagan holiday “christmas”?’. ‘ok’.

c-jesus once got angry and drove the money-changers from the temple. why? because they were commercializing religion. so…what would upset jesus more, someone at wal-mart saying ‘happy holidays’, or billions of dollars being spent to commercialize jesus’ birthday party?

the religious right need to sit down and look at what they’re doing.
christians in the 21st century should be humbly tending to the poor and needy, not opposing stem-cell research, banning harry potter books, getting upset about homosexuality, and defending christmas from the pagan infidels(well, if a few people from the aclu count as pagan infidels).

and, pray tell, why are the religious right so opposed to the aclu?
the aclu has one mandate: defend the bill of rights, which is the cornerstone of the constitution.
you might remember the constitution, it’s the evolving document that is the foundation of democracy in the united states.
so the aclu are bad for defending it?
again, the right-wing in america need to get their collective heads examined.